Genius' Blog

Genius' Blog

Every month we will be uploading a new blog! The blog will be a round up of the interesting things that have happened the previous month as well as Top 5s, Top 10s and things we hope you will find useful and interesting :

September Blog

My Top 10 BMW Colours.

As Henry Ford once said “People can have the model T in any Colour –So long as it’s Black.” Fortunately colours have come a long way since 1908. A colour of a car is only limited by your imagination now as you can have anything from bright yellow to pale blue and every colour in-between. This is a run-down of my top 10 BMW colours.


August Blog


I’m Scott, BMW Product Genius at Sycamore BMW in Peterborough. This is our newest section on the website Genius Corner.

So what is this new section all about?

Firstly, every month we will publish a new blog on any number of topics, from colour choices to Top 10s to general news and advice.

Secondly, we will be uploading a new video every week, like the blog the videos will cover a mixture of topics from How-to’s, special or fancy cars we get at Sycamore and general news and advice.

Who am I?

Like I said above I’m the BMW Product Genius. I have been doing the roll now for 18 months and hugely enjoy it, everyday throws up a new challenge which is always fun to solve. Before working here, I worked at Apple so the skills I learnt there have help with technology inside BMW.

I Hope you enjoy reading our blogs and watching our videos over the next coming months. If there is something you want to know about your BMW or a video suggestion drop me an email on