BMW Group at the IAA Frankfurt 2017


BMW Group at the IAA Frankfurt 2017


That's it for another year, the IAA Frankfurt 2017 has come to a close. It was a massive year for BMW Group with over 8 Premieres and 6 Concepts! Our BMW Genius, Scott, went out to see what it was all about.

The IAA this year really was focused on the future of mobility and the electrified world we are move towards. It had everything from the very cute Honda Urban EV Concept (which looks like something the kids of the 1980's designed when asked what the future of mobility would look like) to Renault's vision for the future of Motorsport 10 years from now in the year 2027.

Of course the internal combustion engine isn't going anywhere right now and at the motor show you had the likes of Lamborghini and Ferrari showing off there latest and greatest. You also had Bugatti with their Chiron 42, which does Zero to 400 kph and back to Zero in under 42 Seconds!

But the 'Hall to beat them all' was Hall 11. Occupying the entirety of Hall 11 was BMW Group and as mentioned above they had over 8 premieres and 6 concepts, so in other words, lots to see!

Walking in to the hall, the first thing you are greeted with on the left was the new BMW i Vision Dynamics, a car that will eventually become the BMW i5 if history is to be repeated. Everything on that side of the hall was to do with BMWi & iPerformance, another main feature was the new BMW i3s & i3 LCI in the latest colours.

In the center of the hall housed an auditorium complete with its own purpose built road, circling the stage. 2 - 3 times an hour BMW would host a show complete with Strobe's, smoke, booming bass and huge screens. The shows lasted about 10 minutes and showcased some of the Premieres BMW had revealed. Also featured was a self driving i3, where the driver drove on to the stage got out, pressed something on her watch and pointed for the car to go. Ifthat wasn't impressive enough, once the i3 had done its lap it parked itself between two i8's.

On show was the World Premiere of the X3 & M5 along with a concept video of the X7 and 8 Series, there was also an M section where we got to see the M4 CS & X6 M and two 7 Series one being a 750Li (not available in our market). Interestingly all the cars driving around the stage made absolutely no noise. Must have been magic? It was more likely that the models had been connected to a battery and an electric motor. Cars that were not built to be iPerformance vehicles were driving around on nothing but electric.

To stage right was the M section, featuring two M5's, one in Frozen Dark Brown and the other in Marina Bay Blue, the new M4 CS and the M4 Customer racing Car, Which is a stripped out M4 built for the track. There was also the new X7 Concept and the beautiful 8 Series Concept.

Going back to the main doors but this time turning right, we see The MINI Electric Concept, this is MINI's first take at a fully electric model and will be released in 2019. It will also be built in Plant Oxford, UK. Going around the MINI stand they had one of everything. One of the vehicles that stood out was a fully accessorised JCW 3 Door Hatch complete with lowering springs. At the Back of the MINI stand was the new MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept, an interesting fact learnt from our MINI Genius about the GP concept, is all the winglets and spoilers on it have been 3D Printed.

So as you can see there was loads to do just in the BMW Group Hall. Below we have two galleries, one for BMW and one for MINI.

BMW Gallery

MINI Gallery